Datasheet of AR1000 Laser Distance Sensor

This datasheet tells the reader discussion such as accuracy, laser, and sample. Many information regarding sensor, and distance are presented inside the datasheet.

In this datasheet we can learn things regarding distance sensor, and ar1000 laser distance. The following are some excerpt from this datasheet:

The device uses LIDAR measuring principles to gage distances to opaque targets at long distances with sharp accuracy. Compact and versatile, the sensor is sure to meet your industrial applications needs. AR1000 Laser Distance Sensor Principles of Operation The AR1000 is a time-of-flight sensor that measures distance by a rapidly-modulated and collimated laser beam that creates a spot on a target surface. Components of the reflected light signal are collected by a lens and focused onto a photodiode within the sensor unit. The reflected light returns with a shift in phase compared with the reference signal.

Even more, the datasheet contains more such as output, and laser distance sensor.

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