Datasheet of AR3000 Distance Measurement Sensor

The datasheet tells us things like laser beam, measurement sensor, and sensor. Lots of things regarding distance measurement sensor, and diffuse reflectance are presented inside the datasheet.

Inside this datasheet the reader can read info like distance, and measurement. Here are grabbed from the datasheet:

The AR3000 distance measurement sensor is Acuity’s longest-range model for cranes, process mointoring and fill levels in containers and silos. Its eye-safe laser and robust enclosure design make it a versatile choice for industrial measuring applications. AR3000 Distance Measurement Sensor Principles of Operation The AR3000 sensor is a time-of-flight sensor that measures distance by a rapidly-modulated and collimated laser beam that creates a spot on a target surface.

Even more, the datasheet explains information regarding distance measurement, and ar3000 distance measurement.

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