Datasheet of Balluff Inductive Distance Sensor With Digital Interface

Many information regarding signal, distance sensor, sensor, and inductive distance are described in the datasheet. The datasheet gives us discussion such as distance, inductive distance sensor, and ambient.

Inside this datasheet we can learn information regarding digital interface, temperature, output, and range. Below are grabbed from the datasheet:

Inductive Distance Sensors Inductive distance sensor with digital interface – the first product in a new analog generation Housing size, Mounting Output signal analog digital Linear range sl Another capability, already proven in this product family, is measurement of the temperature change around Do you require analog the sensor. The accuracy of position sensing with digital all our new generation BAW processing? sensors is due among other And both without external things to the fact that we processing devices? Then measure the ambient we have another solution temperature in the sensor for your automation needs.

Furthermore, this datasheet contains discussion around distance range, interface, and output signal.

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