Datasheet of BMD040-High Precision 3MPa Absolut Pressure Sensor

There are many info about sensor parameter, pressure sensor parameter, signal range, measurement, sensor, and output are presented inside the datasheet. In the datasheet you can learn information regarding signal, installation, pressure pipe, data, the pressure pipe, and pressure sensor.

This datasheet contains discussion like absolute pressure sensor, pressure, the pressure sensor, pressure measurement, pressure range, and characteristic. The following are chosen from the datasheet:

Fuel pressure measurement Air pressure measurement Hydraulic pressure measurement General description The BMD040 analog output, absolute pressure sensor comprises a piezo-resistive pressure sensor element and a circuitry for signal amplification and temperature compensation. Both components are integrated on a single silicon chip. The active surface of the silicon chip is exposed to a reference vacuum that is formed by an evacuated TO-type housing. The medium to be measured is led up by a pressure nozzle to the back side of the diaphragm, which is resistant to most of the measured media.

Also, this datasheet tells you information regarding signal evaluation, high precision, circuitry, temperature compensation, and specification.

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