Datasheet of Climatronics WE-92 Barometric Pressure Sensor

Lots of things related to pressure, barometric pressure sensor, sensor, and pressure range are presented inside the datasheet. This datasheet presents things regarding range, sensor module, and microcontroller.

In this datasheet you can read description related to data, error, output, and module. Here are chosen from this datasheet:

SPECIFICATIONS: PERFORMANCE Range: Accuracy: Resolution: Operating Temperature Range: Temperature Compensated Range: Over Pressure Range: Time Constant: Long Term Stability: 600 – 1100 hPa (17.70 – 32.50 in Hg) ±1.5 hPa over the full pressure range ±0.5 hPa over any 200 hPa range with offset correction ±0.35 hPa at 25°C 0.1 hPa -40° to +55°C (-40° to +131°F) -40° to +55°C (-40° to +131°F) 10 to 10,000 hPa Less than 10 milliseconds to reach 90% final output with step function pressure input ±1.0 hPa over 12 months ELECTRICAL Excitation Power: Signal Output: Communication Protocol: Serial Settings: 6-16 Vdc;

Also, the datasheet explains info such as pressure sensor module, pressure sensor, and barometric pressure.

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