Datasheet of Compact CMOS CCD Sensor-OptoNCDT 1401

In the datasheet we can find description like sensor, laser sensors, and distance. This datasheet presents info like optical sensors, sensors, and triangulation.

There are many information related to displacement measurement, measurement, and range are presented inside the datasheet. Below are some excerpt from this datasheet:

Laser displacement sensors, distance sensors, triangulation, position Fast, accurate and precise laser sensors CCD, CMOS, PSD for displacement, distance, position, reliable, robust and compact laser sensors for industrial surface sampling, leading technology Laser sensors and optical sensors laser displacement, laser distance sensors, laser position sensors, displacement, non contact, CCD, CMOS, flatness, laser sensor, laser triangulation, measurement technology, optic, optical sensors, position sensor, profile measurement, PSD, roundness, oszillation, signal processing unit, sorting, part identification,

Furthermore, this datasheet presents info about distance sensors, triangulation sensor, and measuring range.

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