Datasheet of Digital Temperature Sensor Kit

In this datasheet the reader can find things about circuit, and the temperature sensor. The datasheet tells the reader info such as temperature sensor, and temperature sensor kit.

There are many information around temperature, and sensor are explained inside this datasheet. Here are chosen from this datasheet:

The DS18S20 is a digital temperature sensor that will output temperatues between –55 to + 125 degrees Celsius. This makes it simple to solder to wires or printed circuit boards. The advantages of a digital temperature sensor are principally with it’s precision output. As the sensor outputs a calibrated digital reading, the output is an exact temperature in degrees Celsius. This means no other components, such as an analogue to digital converter, are required within the electronic circuit to calibrate or amplify the signal.

Even more, this datasheet contains more things like digital temperature sensor, and microcontroller.

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