Datasheet of DS30 Distance Sensor

Inside the datasheet the reader can find explanation regarding sensor, the distance sensor, and scanning distance. Many information such as distance sensor, and the sensor reflector are presented in this datasheet.

This datasheet contains information regarding measurement, sensor reflector, and distance. Here are selected from the datasheet:

Distance Sensor DS30 Setting new standards in background suppression Distance Sensor DS30 The Distance Sensor DS30 – High performance The Distance Sensor comprises modern technology in a minimum of space – and is unbeatable value for money. The specification for the DS30 lies exactly between the distance sensor DS60/DS40 and the standard sensors for close-range distance measurement. Its capacity as a low-cost high performer sets new standards. The specific product characteristics of the DS30 The DS30 distance sensor operates by time-of-flight measuring.

Even more, the datasheet explains discussion regarding scanning range, and distance measurement.

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