Datasheet of FSR 400 Series Round Force Sensing Resistor

This datasheet gives you things related to force, force sensitivity, range, and actuation force. Inside the datasheet you can learn things like device, sensor, and resistance.

Lots of explanation about medical, force sensing, and sensitivity range are presented inside this datasheet. These are selected from this datasheet:

Consumer Electronics Interlink Electronics – Sensor Technologies FSR 400 P/N: 30-49649 Device Characteristics Feature Applications Detect & qualify press Sense whether a touch is accidental or intended by reading force Condition Actuation Force Force Sensitivity Range Enhance tool safety Differentiate a grip from a touch as a safety lock Find centroid of force Use multiple sensors to determine centroid of force Notes 0.1 Newtons 0.1 – 10.0 Newtons Force Repeatability3 2 (Single part) Force Resolution3 Use force for UI feedback Detect more or less user force to make a more intuitive interface Value* Force Repeatability3 ± 2% continuous (Part to Part) ±6% Non-Actuated Resistance 10M W Size 7.62mm diameter Thickness Range 0.2 – 1.25 mm Stand-Off Resistance >10M ohms Unloaded, unbent 0.05 mm Depends on design Switch Travel ( Typical) Hysteresis3 +10% (RF+ – RF-)/RF+.

In addition, the datasheet tells us information such as sensitivity, sensing, and electronics.

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