Datasheet of Glow Plug Pressure Sensor

Inside this datasheet the reader can learn description such as plug pressure sensor, pressure, robustness signal noise, pressure sensor, and signal noise ratio. Lots of things around combustion sensor, principle, plug combustion sensor, and signal noise are described inside the datasheet.

The datasheet gives us information about calibration, combustion sensors, performance, and plug pressure sensors. These are grabbed from the datasheet:

C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Glow Plug Pressure Sensor 2nd Generation/3rd Generation Our innovative sensors are helping customers meet increasing global performance requirements and emission principle. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Glow Plug Pressure Sensor Motivation for new combustion sensors Target performance Glow plug combustion sensor Glow plug pressure sensor Cut off frequency > 5 kHz > 5kHz Eigenfrequency > 15 kHz > 8kHz Measuring range 0 – 200 bars 0 – 200 bars Accuracy 4.5 % without calibration target 3.5% incl.

Furthermore, the datasheet gives us info such as pressure sensors, sensor, robustness signal, and sensors.

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