Datasheet of HLS 528 Electronic Distance Sensor

Many info around sensor, signal, resolution, and measurement rate are explained in this datasheet. The datasheet tells us info related to range, scanning range, and ranges.

Inside this datasheet we can get description regarding operational scanning range, measurement, distance, and signal output. Here are some excerpt from this datasheet:

800 cm 3 -UB (0 V) 4 D (switching output) 5 Synchronisation Pin HLS 528-5 1 +UB 2 Analogue 3 -UB (0 V) 4 D2 (switching output 2) 5 D1 (switching output 1) Operational scanning range 3400 mm: * The increment for all units is 1 mm or cm. Output 2 = 2 switching outputs 3 = 1 switching output and 1 analogue output 5 = 2 switching outputs and 1 analogue output Operational scanning range in mm 0250;

Giving more content, this datasheet explains info around the current distance, distance sensor, and circuit.

Download Datasheet of HLS 528 Electronic Distance Sensor pdf
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