Datasheet of Honeywell FS01/FS03 Pressure Sensor

In this datasheet the reader can get info like pressure sensors, voltage, operating force, supply voltage, and specifications. Lots of things about offset, information, sensors, and pressure sensors fs01 are explained inside the datasheet.

This datasheet tells you discussion like force, scale, pressure, and range. Here are some excerpt from this datasheet:

Pressure Sensors FS01/FS03 Force Sensors FS Series FEATURES • 0 to 1.5 pounds and 0 to 3.0 pound ranges • High-level output range • Temperature compensated • Calibrated zero and span • Small size • Low noise TYPICAL APPLICATIONS • Medical infusion pumps • Ambulatory noninvasive pump pressure • Occulsion detection • Kidney dialysis machines • Load and compression sensing • Variable tensions control WARNING PERSONAL INJURY DO NOT USE these products as safety or emergency stop devices or in any other application where failure of the product could result in personal injury.

In addition, the datasheet tells us info around instructions, pressure, force sensors, and application.

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