Datasheet of Honeywell Integrated Pressure Transducer-IPT

Lots of info such as correction coefficients, pressure, accuracy, and gauge differential are explained in this datasheet. Inside this datasheet the reader can get info such as pressure transducer, total error, and temperature range.

This datasheet tells us things related to pressure range, error band, output, and transducer. Below are selected from the datasheet:

Weight(3): ~8.0 grams (absolute) ~9.7 grams (gauge, differential) Electrical Specifications Output: 24-bit pressure value 16-bit temperature value 256 x 8 EEPROM configuration Power Requirements: Supply Voltage: 4 to 12 VDC Current Consumption: 6 mA typical, 7.5 mA max Interface: 3.3V SPI (mode 1,1) SCLK ≤5 Mhz Update Rate: 166 samples/second Environmental Features Overpressure: 3x FS Burst Pressure: 3x FS Mechanical Shock: DO-160E Section 7.0, Category A, Figure 7.2, Operational Standard Thermal Shock: Storage Temperature Cycling per JESD22-104, Section 5.0: -55ºC to +125ºC Vibration: DO-160E Section 8, Category H, Aircraft Type 2, Aircraft Zones 1 & 2 RoHS Compliant (2002/05/EC): Yes IPT Integrated Pressure Transducer IPT FULL SCALE PRESSURE RANGE Absolute Gauge Differential 0001 N/A 1 PSIG(1) 1 PSID 0002 N/A 2 PSIG 2 PSID 0005 N/A 5 PSIG 5 PSID 0010 N/A 10 PSIG 10 PSID 0020 20 PSIA 20 PSIG 20 PSID 0050 50 PSIA N/A N/A TYPE P1 Pressure A Absolute 0 (vacuum) to FS G Gauge Refer

Even more, the datasheet gives you information regarding error, integrated pressure transducer, and interface.

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