Datasheet of Inductive Distance Sensor-Red Lion

In this datasheet the reader can find information about proximity sensors, applications, dimensions, distance, circuit, and proximity sensor. There are many explanation around proximity, sensors, inductive proximity, oscillator, maximum sensing distance, and detector are explained in this datasheet.

This datasheet tells the reader info like threaded proximity sensor, oscillator circuit, sensing distance, frequency, inductive proximity sensors, and specifications. Here are chosen from this datasheet:

PSA1 PSA2 PSA6A PSA7A PSA8A MB4 MB5 DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER 2-Wirer Cylindrical Proximity Sensor 2-Wire, 30 mm Threaded Proximity Sensor 8mm Threaded Proximity Sensor 18mm Threaded Proximity Sensor 30mm Threaded Proximity Sensor Mounting Bracket for PSA7 Mounting Bracket for PSA8 3 PSA10000 PSA20000 PSA6A000 PSA7A000 PSA8A000 MB400000 MB500000 LIMITED WARRANTY The Company warrants the products it manufactures against defects in materials and workmanship for a period limited to two years from the date of shipment, provided the products have been stored, handled, installed, and used under proper conditions.

In addition, this datasheet explains discussion regarding oscillator amplitude, outputs, detector circuit, power supply, sensor, and range.

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