Datasheet of Infineon TLE4941 Plus C Differential Speed Sensor

The data presents things about offset cancellation, application, undervoltage behavior, diff speed sensor, calibration, magnetic threshold, and circuit. There are many discussion regarding the input signal, input, operating range, minimum power supply, specification, and maximum ratings are presented in the data.

Inside the data we can find description such as hall effect sensor, threshold, absolute maximum ratings, test circuit, application circuit, and amplitude. The following are grabbed from the data:

Confidential Advanced Differential Two-Wire Hall Effect Sensor IC 1 Product Description 1.1 TLE4941plusC Overview The Hall Effect sensor IC TLE4941plusC is designed to provide information about rotational speed to modern vehicle dynamics control systems and Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS). The output has been designed as a two wire current interface. The sensor operates without external components and combines a fast power-up time with a low cutoff frequency. Designed specifically to meet harsh automotive requirements, excellent accuracy and sensitivity is specified over a wide temperature range and robustness to ESD and EMC has been maximized. State-of-the art BiCMOS technology is used for monolithic integration of the active sensor areas and the signal conditioning circuitry

Giving more content, this data gives the reader info such as self calibration, supply voltage, input signal, offset, sensor, and output.

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