Datasheet of ISL29001 Light to Digital Sensor

There are lots of explanation around lux, the i2c interface, and resolution are presented inside the datasheet. The datasheet contains info around light, and interface.

In this datasheet you can find description like circuit, ambient light, and quality. The following are grabbed from the datasheet:

The ISL29001 is an integrated ambient light sensor with ADC and I2C interface. With a spectral sensitivity curve matched to that of the human eye, the ISL29001 provides 15-bit effective resolution while rejecting 50Hz and 60Hz flicker caused by artificial light sources. • Human Eye Response In normal operation, the ISL29001 consumes less than 300µA of supply current. A software power-down mode controlled via the I2C interface disables all but the I2C interface. A power-down pin is also provided, which reduces power consumption to less than 1µA. • Adjustable Resolution: 3 Counts to 15 Counts per lux

Also, the datasheet tells the reader info regarding typical circuit, and design.

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