Datasheet of KMI 18/2 Integrated Rotational Speed Sensor

Lots of discussion related to signal conditioning, rotational speed, design, and characteristics are described inside this datasheet. This datasheet presents discussion related to specification, electrostatic sensitivity, and threshold.

Inside this datasheet you can read information related to sensor, circuit, signal, and speed. These are some excerpt from this datasheet:

DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS DATA SHEET KMI18/2 Integrated rotational speed sensor Preliminary specification 2000 Sep 05 Philips Semiconductors Preliminary specification Integrated rotational speed sensor KMI18/2 FEATURES PINNING • Open collector output PIN SYMBOL DESCRIPTION • For active target wheel application 1 VCC DC supply voltage • Wide air gap 2 OUT open collector output • Zero speed capability 3 GND ground • Wide temperature range • Insensitive to vibration.

In addition, the datasheet presents information such as rotational speed sensor, output signal, and speed sensor.

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