Datasheet of L Gage, LT3 Long Range Time of Flight Laser Sensor

In the datasheet you can learn things like sensing distance, flight sensor, and response. This datasheet contains things like range, output, and signal.

Many info around response speed, output response, and laser are explained inside the datasheet. Here are grabbed from this datasheet:

L-GAGE® LT3 Long-Range Time-of-Flight Laser Sensor Self-contained Class 2 laser distance sensor, analog and discrete outputs Features • Extremely long range: 5 m with white targets, or 3 m with gray targets • Banner’s unique scalable analog output automatically distributes the output signal over the width of the programmed sensing window • Analog and Discrete (switched) outputs in each sensor, with independent window limits† • Discrete output can be used for precision background suppression • Choose NPN or PNP discrete output, plus 0 to 10V dc or 4 to 20 mA sourcing analog output • Fast, easy-to-use integrated push-button TEACH-mode programming; no potentiometer adjustments •

In addition, this datasheet explains more regarding distance, and sensor.

Download Datasheet of L Gage, LT3 Long Range Time of Flight Laser Sensor pdf
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