Datasheet of Laser Triangulation Displacement Sensors

The datasheet presents discussion regarding applications, internal sensor, output interfaces, laser sensors, and selcom laser sensors. Many information such as range, sensor dimensions, detector, metal level measurement, and mounting are described inside the datasheet.

Inside the datasheet we can get description about ethernet, distance measurement, level measurement, differential measurement, and accuracy. Below are selected from the datasheet:

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS A family of products cover a wide range of applications CastLine™ Sensor – mold level, DC Caster DeltaLine™ Sensor – differential measurement, DC Caster ContinuousLine™ Sensor – headbox level, Continuous Strip Caster LaunderLine™ Sensor – launder/trough level control (with tilting furnace) FurnaceLine™ Sensor – level detection in furnaces or ladles for Robot and Data Acquisition XLine2™ Sensor – level measurement in Ingot Lines, Sand Moulds and High Pressure Die Casting LOOK AND SEE OUR RANGE OF INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS SPS_Folder.qxp 28.04.2008 13:29 Seite 4 XLine2™ SPECIFICATIONS ARTICLE NO NAME LEVEL MEASUREMENT IN MEASUREMENT CLEARANCE LASER RANGE (MR) DISTANCE (CD) CLASSE 30447 CastLine2 MR200 CD400 3R 200 mm 400 mm 3a / 3R 30449 CastLine2 MR250 CD450 3R 250 mm 450 mm 3a / 3R 30419 30459 30422 LaunderLine2 MR300 CD700 LaunderLine2 MR500 CD1500 FurnaceLine2 MR1300 CD1500 Mold, DC Caster + Head box, Continuous Cast

Giving more content, this datasheet contains discussion about distance, temperature, magnesium, sensors, and measurement principle.

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