Datasheet of LaserRanger Ride Height Sensor

In this datasheet you can get description like measurement range, range, and sensor. Lots of explanation related to ride height sensor, and range measurements are explained in the datasheet.

This datasheet gives you info like height sensor, measurement, and sensors. The following are taken from this datasheet:

a data point every 2” at 113 mph • 3.2” – 8.2” measurement range • Electronic ambient light rejection • Automatic laser power control for varying surfaces • LED for data and range status • No controller needed – sensor interfaces directly to any analog data collection system • Compact, rugged package with removable bezel for easy window replacement • W indows are not damaged by gas, alcohol and oil NONCONTACT MEASUREMENT Noncontact optical range sensors have many advantages over linear potentiometers • NEW DATA – Take vehicle measurements not possible with other methods, i.e.

Additionally, this datasheet contains information around laser, and measurements.

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