Datasheet of LDM41/42 A Laser Distance Measurement Sensor

The datasheet presents info related to measurement techniques, sensor, measurement, and laser distance. Many explanation about no contact measurement, measurement sensor, and distance measurement sensor are explained in the datasheet.

In this datasheet the reader can learn explanation like distance, accuracy, surfaces, and distance measurement. The following are excerpted from the datasheet:

The LDM 41/42 A Laser Distance Measurement Sensor is designed for mobile and stationary distance measurement in a industrial environment. The LDM 41/42 A works based on comparative phase measurement. To achieve this, it emits visible laser beams in different frequencies. The target being measured returns diffusely reflected light that is subsequently compared with a reference signal. Finally, a microprocessor uses the recorded phase shift to calculate a required distance with mm accuracy. The sensor LDM 41 A distinguishes itself through a high precision as well as a big independence of the surface of the measured object. The LDM 42 A is design for fast measurement on a white target .

Also, this datasheet tells you info regarding laser distance measurement, data interface, and contact measurement techniques.

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