Datasheet of LH Series High Speed, High Precision Laser Sensors

This datasheet presents explanation such as laser, network, thickness sensors, and precision laser. In the datasheet we can get things like measurements, robust laser, and sensor.

Many discussion such as measurement, laser sensors, and accurate measurements are described inside the datasheet. These are some excerpt from the datasheet:

Dimensions Quick-Disconnect (QD)Cordsets 57.0 mm 33.0 mm 8-Pin M12/Euro-Style with Shield—Single-Ended Description Models Length 72.0 mm MQLH-806-F MQLH-815-F 4.58 m MQLH-830-F Straight 1.83 m 9.14 m 65.0 mm 8-Pin M12/Euro-Style with Shield—Double-Ended Models Female/Male Male/Male Description Serial Adaptors Description Length — MQLH-801-MM — — MQLH-830-MF — RS-485 MODBUS RTU interface for PLC to LH Sensor communication with M12 Euro-style to M12 Euro-style quick disconnect at both ends 4.58 m 9.14 m INTUSB485-LH INTMOD485-LH 1.83 m MQLH-815-MF USB to RS-485 serial adaptor with integral communication cordset and USB cable for easy configuration of a single sensor or a network of sensors 0.30 m MQLH-806-MF Model Straight 8-Pin M12/Euro-Style—Splitter Models CSB-M1280M1280-LH Length Branches Trunk No Branches Brackets Models Description No Trunk • Main mounting bracket for LH sensor • T-slot or “bolt-on” bracket for mounting one

Furthermore, this datasheet gives you more about sensors, thickness measurement, and measurement rate.

Download Datasheet of LH Series High Speed, High Precision Laser Sensors pdf
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