Datasheet of Light Sensor

Inside the datasheet the reader can get things related to threshold value, ambient light, and the light sensor. The datasheet gives you discussion around reference light sensor, and light.

Lots of explanation such as light sensor, and sensor are explained inside the datasheet. Below are some excerpt from this datasheet:

ROBOTC Reference Light Sensor Overview The VEX light Sensor allows the robot to sense the ambient light in a room. The Light Sensor for VEX Some uses of the Light Sensor would be to have your robot stop moving whenever the lights in a room are swtiched off, or to sense when it moves into a shadow. © Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy / For use with VEX robotics systems Light Sensor • 1 ROBOTC Reference Light Sensor Natural Language Sample Code Forward Until Dark This code has the robot use a Light Sensor to move forward until it enters a dark area and then stop.

Furthermore, the datasheet gives the reader information around reference light, and robot.

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