Datasheet of Light Sensor

The datasheet contains explanation related to calibration, instruments, and interface. Lots of info about spectral response, and range are presented inside the datasheet.

Inside the datasheet the reader can read information about sensor, light intensity, and the light sensor. The following are excerpted from this datasheet:

Link, EasyLink, ULI, or Serial Box Interface) 0–600 lux: 0.2 lux 0–6000 lux: 2 lux 0–150000 lux: 50 lux Stored Calibration Values for the Light Sensor 0–600 lux slope = 154 lux/V intercept = 0 lux 0–6000 lux slope = 1692 lux/V intercept = 0 lux 0–150000 lux slope = 38424 lux/V intercept = 0 lux 10-bit (with CBL 2): 0–600 lux: 0.8 lux 0–6000 lux: 8 lux 0–150000 lux: 200 lux This sensor is equipped with circuitry that supports auto-ID.

Giving more content, this datasheet explains info things like light sensor, and intensity.

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