Datasheet of LLS05-A Linear Light Sensor

Lots of information around optical electronic, response, sensor, and light sensor are described inside this datasheet. Inside the datasheet you can read information like range, light, and temperature range.

This datasheet presents things such as spectral, linear light sensor, and linear light sensor. The following are chosen from this datasheet:

Linear Light Sensor LLS05-A Linear Light Sensor TYPE:LLS05-A SENBA OPTICAL ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. Copyright © V1.0 2005-7 Page 1 of 7 SENBA OPTICAL ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. Linear Light Sensor LLS05-A LLS05-A Replacement of CdS RoHS Compliant / Pb-free / Cd-free Linear Output Type Light Sensor Production Specification TYPICAL APPLICATIONS ·Replacement of Photoresistor (CdS). ·Control of backlight brightness for LCD Monitors,TV sets, PDA ,Cameras and Mobile Phones. ·Switch for lighting equipments and Toys. ·Testing for daylight. Outline Dimensions FEATURES ·Linear output conforming to illuminance. ·Built-in optical filter for spectral response similar to that of the human eye. ·High Gain Photocurrent Amplifiers IC ·Temperature Stable. ·

Also, this datasheet tells us discussion about photocurrent, circuits, and spectral response.

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