Datasheet of LM10 Micro Laser Sensor

There are many info about micro laser sensor, measurement distance, laser sensor, distance, resolution, and laser are explained in the datasheet. This datasheet presents explanation like sensor, comparison, power supply, measurement range, and circuit.

In the datasheet the reader can get information such as ambient, the micro laser, installation, measurable range, displacement, and ambient temperature. Below are selected from this datasheet:

LM10 SERIES Micro Laser Sensor Displacement Sensing with Analog Output * Original Marked Sensor Conforming to EMC Directive High-precision measurements, comparative output function New circuitry lowers costs. In addition to conventional analog output, the LM10 also comes with ON/OFF control output (single or window comparator) as a standard function. This gives the LM10 the feel of a photoelectric sensor, yet it still offers the “micro-spotting” and “high precision” that only come with a laser sensor. nel. Building the arithmetic circuits into the IC has made it possible to reduce costs.

Also, the datasheet explains more about measurement, response, range, intensity, and output.

Download Datasheet of LM10 Micro Laser Sensor pdf
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