Datasheet of LS-DIN Light Sensors

Lots of discussion regarding spectral response, calibration, range, and the light sensor are presented inside the datasheet. This datasheet tells you things around lux, response, and light meter.

Inside the datasheet the reader can get information about photodiode, light, and light intensity. Below are chosen from this datasheet:

The Light Sensor can be used for measurements of light intensity in a variety of situations. • Perform inverse square light intensity experiments using a point source of light. • Conduct polarized filter studies. • Demonstrate the flicker of fluorescent lamps and other lamps. • Carry out solar energy studies. • Perform reflectivity studies. • Study light intensity in various parts of a house or school. • Use it as part of a study of plant growth to measure light intensity. Collecting Data with the Light Sensor This sensor can be used with the following interfaces to collect data: • Vernier LabQuestTM as a standalone device or with a computer • Vernier LabPro® with a computer, TI graphing calculator, or Palm® handheld •

Giving more content, the datasheet explains information around sensor, light sensor, and intensity.

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