Datasheet of LTC2997 Remote/Internal Temperature Sensor

In this datasheet the reader can find information about temperature, internal temperature sensor, error, performance characteristics, temperature measurement, and precision. The datasheet contains explanation such as temperature range, noise, temperature error, remote temperature, and measurements.

There are lots of things around characteristics, remote temperature error, remote temperature sensor, remote sensor, and threshold are described inside the datasheet. Here are some excerpt from this datasheet:

The LTC®2997 is a high-accuracy analog output temperature sensor. It converts the temperature of an external sensor or its own temperature to an analog voltage output. A built-in algorithm eliminates errors due to series resistance between the LTC2997 and the sensor diode. n n n n n n n n n Converts Remote Sensor or Internal Diode Temperature to Analog Voltage ±1°C Remote Temperature Accuracy ±1.5°C Internal Temperature Accuracy Built-In Series Resistance Cancellation 2.5V to 5.5V Supply Voltage 1.8V

Additionally, the datasheet gives you more around internal temperature, temperature sensor, temperature measurements, the remote sensor, and sensor.

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