Datasheet of LTS-Twin Laser Sensor

Many info related to laser twin sensor, accuracy, and laser source are explained in this datasheet. This datasheet contains information regarding measurement, triangulation, and sensors.

Inside the datasheet we can get things regarding twin sensor, measurement range, and sensor. Below are excerpted from the datasheet:

Product Information LTS-Laser Twin Sensor Unique Dual Viewing Axes and Fast Gain Control Measures Changing Surfaces Accurately • Resolution down to 0.00025 mm • Measurement Range of up to 20 mm • Response frequencies to 200 kHz, unmatched in the industry • Spot size down to 0.03 mm or 30 um • Twin PSD triangulation for varying surfaces • Eliminates ”spikes” when surface color changes • Designed for high accuracy thickness and profiling applications LTS sensors are single point optical triangulation sensors that use two built in PSD detectors to achieve high speed measurements for ultra high accuracy.

Furthermore, this datasheet tells the reader discussion regarding laser, and resolution.

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