Datasheet of MC33784, DSI 2.02 Sensor Interface

In the datasheet we can learn info related to device data, initialization command, response, control, logic commands, control command, register, integrated circuit device, frame threshold, word type, output, freescale, circuit, and operation. The datasheet presents info such as current source, input, current, circuit device, address, frame, voltage, electrical characteristics, daisy chain, circuit device data, switch, signal, bit, and device.

There are many discussion about power, semiconductor, address bits, description, conversion, block diagram, time, bus, command, characteristics, signal threshold, mode, integrated circuit, and test are presented in the datasheet. These are chosen from this datasheet:

The 33784 is designed to be used with a sensor at a location remote from a centralized MCU. This device provides power, measurement, and communications between the remote sensor and the centralized MCU over a DSI 2.02 compliant bus. Sensors such as accelerometers can be powered from the regulated output of the device, and the resulting analog value from the sensor can be converted from an analog level to a digital value for transmission over the bus, in response to a query from the MCU. There are two analog inputs to a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Three I/O lines can be configured by the central MCU over the bus as digital inputs or digital outputs. Power is passed from BUSIN through on-chip rectifiers to an external storage capacitor. The capacitor stores energy during the highest voltage excursions of the BUSIN pin (idle) and supplies energy to power the device during low excursions of BUSIN. An under-voltage circuit provides a reset signal during lowvoltage conditions and during power-up/power-down.

In addition, the datasheet contains information around test mode, device operation, control register, word, threshold, data, format control, analog integrated circuit, response current, digital converter, type, pin, and addressed device.

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