Datasheet of Model 013 Wind Speed Sensor

Inside this datasheet the reader can learn info related to wind speed, speed, and speed sensor. This datasheet tells the reader things about threshold, and sensor.

Lots of explanation like wind speed sensor, and accuracy are presented inside the datasheet. These are excerpted from this datasheet:

Wind Speed Sensor 013 The Model 013 Wind Speed Sensor has been specifically designed to accurately and reliably measure wind velocity under the most adverse environmental conditions. Specifications Range: Starting Threshold: Accuracy: Distance Constant: Operating Range: Ice Load: Weight: Contact Rating: Mounting: Sensor Cable: 0 – 150 mph 1.0 mph ±0.25 mph or 2% Less than 15 ft (4.5 m) -50°C to +70°C 2 in (5.1 cm) 14 oz (.4 kg) 10 mA maximum PN 191 Crossarm PN 1805-xx (xx=length in ft) Met One Instruments, Inc.

Furthermore, the datasheet gives you info about range, and operating range.

Download Datasheet of Model 013 Wind Speed Sensor pdf
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