Datasheet of MPX10 Series-10kpA Uncompesated Silicon Pressure Sensors

This datasheet tells us info around sensor, the output voltage, excitation range, sensors, and strain gauge design. There are many things related to the strain gauge, pressure sensor, dimension, and compensation are presented in this datasheet.

Inside the datasheet we can find info about pressure, strain gauge, pressure range, and response time. Below are grabbed from the datasheet:

The MPX10 series silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors provide a very accurate and linear voltage output, directly proportional to the applied pressure. These standard, low cost, uncompensated sensors permit manufacturers to design and add their own external temperature compensation and signal conditioning networks. Compensation techniques are simplified because of the predictability of Freescale’s single element strain gauge design

Also, the datasheet presents info things like pressure sensors, output voltage, characteristics, and the pressure sensor.

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