Datasheet of Non-Contact Eddy Current Displacement and Position Measurement

This datasheet contains discussion such as system, controller, principle, measurement, and measurement system. Many information related to sensor, displacement sensors, inductive measurement, and current sensors are explained inside the datasheet.

In this datasheet the reader can read explanation around resolution, sensors, lowpass filter, and ferromagnetic. Here are excerpted from the datasheet:

Eddy current sensors for displacement, distance and position Eddy current and inductive measurement system and sensors with micrometer resolution for linear measurement and displacement, distance and position Non-contact eddy current sensors or inductive measurement systems also kown as oszillation sensors, flatness sensor, position sensor, dislocation sensor, displacement sensor, distance sensor, small miniature sensors for measurement in motors, heavy industry, heat resistant, stable, robust, industry sensor, measurement system for motor optimisation, top dead centre of the piston, dislocation Needle Lift, fuel injection, spindle movement, thermal drift, axial movement of crankshaft, speed sensor for turbo chargers, gap, measurement system for elongation

Giving more content, this datasheet explains discussion regarding current, output, measuring range, and range.

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