Datasheet of OADM12 Laser Distance Sensor

The datasheet tells the reader explanation around laser distance sensors, data, measuring distance, and sensors. Inside this datasheet we can learn explanation about distance sensors, response time, and range.

Many information like output, release time, and distance are described in this datasheet. These are chosen from the datasheet:

Photoelectric sensors OADM 12 (Laser) Distance sensors sample drawing 34,5 31,6 LED 2 3,2 M8 x 1 3 26 * 10,6 11,2 37 19 3,9 Teach-in 2,2 12,4 * emitter axis general data sample picture adjustment Teach-in: button / external power on indication LED green soiled lens indicator LED red light source pulsed red laser diode wave length 650 nm laser class 2 beam type point interference suppression < 30 ms measuring distance Sd = 16 ... 20 mA < (+Vs - 6 V) / 0,02 A > 100 kLux OADM 12I6460/S35A 16 …

Furthermore, this datasheet tells us info around laser, linearity error, and response time release.

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