Datasheet of Optimess Laser Distance Sensor

Lots of information about optical system, image sensor, and output are presented inside the datasheet. In this datasheet you can learn description about measurement, and system.

This datasheet contains info such as distance, laser, and sensor. These are selected from this datasheet:

The non-contact measurement system Laser distance sensor OPTIMESS MR CCD – Large measuring ranges – High measuring rate – High accuracy – Digital processing of measured values – Analog output or CAN bus The opto-electronic sensor OPTIMESS MR is a device for non-contact distance measurement. Light source Laser diode Spot diameter [2] 0.05–5 mm Wave-length [2] 6 60–780 nm Laser safety class [2] 2 / 3R / 3B Photo detector CMOS Linear image sensor Supply voltage ± 15 V / 120 mA, ± 5% or 12–30 V / 120 mA [4] Output [2] Operating temperature Dimensions Weight Protection class [1] Standard settings with filter 200Hz [4] only unipolar output and CAN Bus ± 5 V / ± 10 V / 0–5 V / 0–10 V / 0–20 mA / 4–20 mA / CAN – Bus -20°C bis 50°C (no condensation) 200 x 160 x 60 mm approx.

Additionally, the datasheet gives you discussion around distance measurement, and laser diode.

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