Datasheet of Oxygen Sensor 4500

This datasheet gives you discussion about settling time, principle, oxygen, and measurement. Inside this datasheet we can learn description around calibrated range, oxygen sensor, and o2.

There are many things such as measurement principle, the oxygen concentration, and sensor are explained inside the datasheet. Below are grabbed from the datasheet:

Reliable Solutions 1 Specifications 4500 D380 – March 2010 Oxygen O2-Concentration Air Saturation Operating range: 0 – 500mM 1) 0 – 150% Calibrated range: 0 – 500mM 1) 0 – 120% Resolution: < 1mM 0.4% Accuracy: < 8mM or 5% 2) < 5% 3) whichever is greater Settling Time (63%): < 25 sec Temperature Calibrated Range: -0°C to +36°C Resolution: 0.01°C Accuracy: ±0.05°C 4) Settling Time (63%): <180s Operating temperature: -5 to +40°C (23 - 104°F) Operating depth: 0 - 50m (164ft) Sampling rate: From 1s to 255 minutes Output format: 4500A: 0 - 5V 4500B: 0 - 10V 4500C: 4 - 20mA 4500D: RS232 Current consumption: RS232: 80mA/S +0.3mA where S is sampling interval in seconds Analog output: 20mA + RS232 drain Supply voltage: 4500A, C, D: +9 to +30V DC 4500B: +12 to 30V DC Dimensions: Ø44 x 270mm (Ø1.73 x 10.6in) sensor: 500g (17.6oz) Weight: 10 m cable: 1kg (35.3oz) POM, Sikaforce, Ara

Also, this datasheet tells the reader information regarding concentration, oxygen sensor 4500, and oxygen concentration.

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