Datasheet of Oxygen Sensor MF441

There are lots of info about material dimensions, oxygen sensor, compensation, and calibration are presented in this datasheet. The datasheet contains info related to direct measurement, oxygen, temperature measurement, and dimensions.

In the datasheet we can get explanation like pressure, temperature compensation, measurement, and the electrode system. Below are some excerpt from this datasheet:

OXYGEN SENSOR MF 441 06/04 The membrane covered oxygen sensor MF 435 is ideal for direct control of the oxygen level in any gases even under extreme conditions. The sensor consists of the sensor body with incorporated temperature probes and the electrochemical electrode system as well as the membrane head with an extreme rugged polymer membrane and the membrane protection. Incorporated Temperature Sensor The sensor MF 441 incorporates as standard a Pt 1000 temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation and temperature measurement in connection with the monitoring and controlling instrumentation.

Furthermore, this datasheet presents information around sensor, response time, temperature sensor, and electrode system.

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