Datasheet of Oxygen Sensors-Carbon Paste Electrode (CPE)

There are many things such as sensor, response, and oxygen sensor are described in this datasheet. This datasheet gives the reader discussion like oxygen, oxygen sensors, and telemetry.

In this datasheet the reader can find things around concentration, stability, and measurements. Below are taken from the datasheet:

The carbon paste oxygen (O2) sensors have been developed to allow implantation in the brain, thus facilitating long-term in vivo and real time measurements of O2. The sensors are less prone to surface poisoning and are stable over months for in vivo applications. CPEs are commonly used to provide measurements of brain tissue oxygen in freely moving animals and there is good evidence that oxygen levels in brain ECF are related to cerebral blood flow. O2 Sensor response In vivo Properties Oxygen Sensors are based on the electrocatalytic reduction of oxygen at the electrode surface.

Furthermore, this datasheet tells the reader information such as response time, and sensors.

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