Datasheet of Oztherm F-911 Hall Effect Current Sensor

This datasheet presents things related to hall effect current, and hall. Lots of things regarding effect current sensor, and current sensor are explained in this datasheet.

In the datasheet you can find explanation such as sensor, and module. Here are taken from the datasheet:

The OZTHERM F911 hall effect current sensor and trip module provides isolated current measurement with a 0 to 10 V and a 4 to 20 mA output that can be used simulaneously. The trip output provides a normally open relay contact and an adjustment for trip level. The trip output can also be used as a shearpin if required. A manual reset is available. The module requires + / – 15 VDC power supply such as the OZTHERM F912 .

Giving more content, the datasheet explains info regarding hall effect, and output.

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