Datasheet of P6000 Remote Mount Miniature Pressure Sensor

Many information about specifications, miniature pressure sensors, pressure sensors, and pressure are explained inside this datasheet. The datasheet presents information such as output voltage, output, and systems.

Inside the datasheet you can read description regarding total error, pressure ranges, and sensors. These are some excerpt from this datasheet:

P6000 Remote Mount Miniature Pressure Sensors Typical Applications Industrial Oxygen Concentrators Respirators Sleep Apnea Transportation Instrumentation Pneumatic Controls Robotics Description The P6000 series pressure sensors incorporate a silicon, piezo resistive sensing element in a compact package. Using a 5Vdc input, the sensors provide a 0.5 to 4.5Vdc output, proportional to pressure. Internal temperature compensation provides an accurate, easy to use device. The innovative remote mounting capability and customization features allow system designers to decouple their pressure sensing from PCB’s.

Even more, the datasheet tells us more things like ranges, applications, and error.

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