Datasheet of Panasonic Photo IC Type High Sensitive Ligth Sensors

There are many discussion regarding light sensors, sensor, maximum rating, method, ambient temperature range, and sensitivity are described inside this datasheet. This datasheet contains explanation related to wavelength, detection area, ambient temperature characteristics, dimensions, and detection.

Inside the datasheet we can read description about temperature range, light sensor, photocurrent, characteristics, sensors, and power dissipation. The following are excerpted from this datasheet:

1. Built-in optical filter for spectral response similar to that of the human eye. 2. Photocurrent is proportional to illumination. (linear output) 3. Uses environmentally friendly silicon chips. Through-hole type SMD and Through-hole types 1. Brightness detection for LCD backlight control for LCD devices (LCD TVs, car navigation systems, and mobile PCs). 2. Brightness detection for circuits in residential lighting, lighting for security, and automatic lighting for bicycle. 3. Household applicances (day/night energy savings for air conditioners and electric hot water pots, etc.) 4. Brightness detection for wall clocks (radio clocks).

Even more, this datasheet explains more about brightness detection, output waveform, light, light sensor, and the output waveform.

Download Datasheet of Panasonic Photo IC Type High Sensitive Ligth Sensors pdf
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