Datasheet of PASCO Model CL 6504-Light Sensor

Inside this datasheet the reader can read things about the light source, optic probe, intensity, sensor, and interface system. Lots of info related to fiber optic, light, light sensor, and sensitivity are presented inside the datasheet.

This datasheet gives you things related to light source, signal interface, fiber optic probe, and the fiber optic. Here are some excerpt from this datasheet:

012-04568D 5/94 $1.00 Instruction Sheet for the PASCO Model CI-6504 LIGHT SENSOR USE PASCO FIBER OPTIC PROBE LIGHT SENSOR PASCO SERIES 6500 INTERFACE SYSTEM CI-6504 LIGHT SENSOR FOR USE WITH PASCO SERIES 6500 INTERFACES USE PASCO FIBER OPTIC PROBE MAX LIGHT SENSOR MIN PASCO SERIES 6500 INTERFACE SYSTEM Introduction SENSITIVITY ADJUST Attaching the Fiber Optic Probe Setup Procedure The PASCO Model CI-6504 Light Sensor is designed to be used with a PASCO Computer Interface (e.g.  Attach the Fiber Optic Probe by slipping the connector of the fiber optic probe over the LIGHT SENSOR input connector on the Light Sensor as shown above.

In addition, the datasheet contains discussion regarding interface, the light sensor, 6500 interface system, and optic.

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