Datasheet of Philips Laser Sensor

Inside the datasheet the reader can get description such as sensor, modulation, laser sensor, laser, and sensors. This datasheet tells us discussion like power consumption, applications, frequency, radiation, and eye laser sensor.

Many explanation such as signal, system, doppler, philips laser sensors, and measurement are presented in this datasheet. Here are chosen from the datasheet:

Date of release: September 2005 Document number: PLS-RGU-05-1061 Philips Laser Sensors Philips Laser Sensors – Technology White Paper Philips Laser Sensors’ twin-eye laser technology and applications Utilizing interferometry techniques normally applied only in high-performance professional applications, Philips Laser Sensors’ twin-eye laser technology leverages the latest developments in solid-state lasers, digital signal processing and System in Package (SiP) technology to achieve unparalleled resolution and accuracy for position/velocity sensing in consumer-product applications. laser & detector len lens Reflecting object Figure 1 – Philips Laser Sensors’ self-mixing laser technology Motion of the target towards or away from the laser source causes a Doppler shift in the frequency of the returning laser light.

In addition, the datasheet presents more around fluctuations, digital signal, accuracy, lasers, and laser sensors.

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