Datasheet of Photoelectric Proximity Switch-WT100 Laser, Energetic

Inside the datasheet you can learn information such as range, overcurrent, distance, sensor, outputs, transit time, and output current. The datasheet contains explanation around strength indicator, signal strength, output, frequency, photoelectric, and signal.

There are many things about sensitivity, circuit protection, power consumption, circuit, mounting, and ambient temperature are explained inside this datasheet. Here are chosen from this datasheet:

35 m 20 11 3 Through-beam photoelectric switch Laser sensor in mini-format 2 19.8 31 25.4 High degree of eye protection by Class 1 red light laser 1 1 2.8 10.3 Switching frequency 2000 Hz Adjustments possible 3 5 L D Connector 4 6 Centre of optical axis 3 4 Mounting hole M3 2 5 1 LED signal strength indicator orange: switching output active LED signal strength indicator green: power on 6 Sensitivity adjustment (270 °) 7 Light/dark rotary switch: L = light-switching, D = dark-switching 7 Connection type WS/WE100L-E1131 Sender WS/WE100L-E2131 WS/WE100L-E2231 WS/WE100L-F1131 WS/WE100L-F2131 WS/WE100L-F2231 2 x 0.18 mm² M8, 3-pin M8, 4-pin brn 1 M blu 3 blk 4 3 x 0.18 mm² L+ M NC M8, 3-pin brn 1 blu 3 blk 4 wht Receiver brn blu Accessories L+ 2 brn L+ brn 1 Mounting systems blu M blu 3 Q blk 4 L+ M Q brn 1 blu 3 blk 4 wht 07.

Also, this datasheet presents more about operating range, laser, switching frequency, laser sensor, scanning range, and temperature operation.

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