Datasheet of Picaxe Colour Sensor

Inside this datasheet you can read information such as colour, axe045 colour sensor, module, and sensor module. Lots of discussion such as the picaxe circuit, circuit, colour sensor, and sensor are described in the datasheet.

The datasheet presents info like picaxe colour sensor, the sensor module, intensity, and circuit diagram. These are excerpted from this datasheet:

The PICAXE Colour Sensor is a complete RGB (red green blue) colour sensor module for colour detection and sorting operations. The sensor can be interfaced to all PICAXE chips that support the ‘count’ command. The sensor module can be purchased individually (part AXE045) or as part of a kit (AXE112S). The kit additionally contains a PICAXE-08M chip and AXE024 project board, as well as mechanical mounting hardware. The project board is designed with the same dimensions as the sensor to build a complete, compact self contained ‘tower’ system. AXE045 Colour Sensor Contents (AXE045 Colour Sensor):

Even more, this datasheet gives us discussion about output, light intensity, and photodiodes.

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