Datasheet of Planar Magnetic Current Sensor

This datasheet contains info related to magnetic field, accuracy, measurement, and current transformer. There are many things related to planar magnetic current, planar magnetic, and current transformers are explained inside the datasheet.

In the datasheet you can learn explanation such as magnetic, sensor, sensors, and magnetic current. These are taken from this datasheet:

Planar Magnetic Current Sensor • • • • • High accuracy Non-invasive Does not saturate like the Current Transformer Lightweight Inexpensive to manufacture DESCRIPTION Suparule Systems Ltd. APPLICATIONS • Power Consumption Meter • Hand-held Meter • Alternative to CT • Current Clamp • Fault Indicators and trip switches • Power Quality Analysis Instrumentation Measurement Range Because the sensor does not contain a magnetic core material, it cannot become saturated, and therefore can be used to measure a much wider range of current than existing core based sensors.

Furthermore, the datasheet presents info regarding current, current sensor, and magnetic current sensor.

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