Datasheet of Platinum SMD Flat Chip Temperature Sensor

There are lots of information like platinum temperature sensor, parameters, and sensors are presented inside the datasheet. In this datasheet we can read description about sensor, temperature sensor, and measurement.

The datasheet presents explanation like conditions, temperature range, and temperature. Below are grabbed from this datasheet:

PTS Series – Pt-Sensors Vishay Beyschlag Platinum SMD Flat Chip Temperature Sensor FEATURES  Standardized characteristics according to IEC 60751  Advanced thin film technology  Short reaction times down to t0.9  2 s (in air)  Outstanding stability of temperature characteristic  Standard SMD sizes PTS SMD Flat Chip Temperature sensors are the perfect choice for temperature control of electronics operating under varying environmental conditions. The highly controlled platinum thin film manufacturing process guarantees an outstanding stability of temperature characteristics which ensures reliable operation even under harsh conditions.

Giving more content, this datasheet contains info about application, specifications, and chip temperature sensor.

Download Datasheet of Platinum SMD Flat Chip Temperature Sensor pdf
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