Datasheet of Power Sense-Discos Current Sensor

This datasheet contains info related to filters, polarization, current, and current sensor. In this datasheet we can get things like sensor housing, faraday effect, and sensor.

There are many information like magnetic field, spectrum, and the sensor housing are described inside the datasheet. The following are selected from this datasheet:

the Discos® sensor monitors the current amplitude and the phase angle on both the LV and MV side of the transformer. MAin operAtionAL pArAMeters current measurement on lines with up to 36 kVAc Dynamic range from 5-20,000 AAc All materials are non-conductive and can therefore be mounted on indoor cables or cobber bars, without any additional precautions technicAL specificAtions Main electrical characteristics current range Measuring accuracy* current measurement 5-20,000 AAc +/-2 A 2% 5-100 A 100 A-20,000 A Ambient specifications operational temperature transient temperature (1 sec) operating humidity (non condensing) -20°c to +75°c 250°c 25%-90% rh at +40°c

Also, the datasheet explains more things like the faraday effect, the magnetic field, and performance.

Download Datasheet of Power Sense-Discos Current Sensor pdf
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