Datasheet of Pressure Sensor SPD100GD

The datasheet presents information related to pressure range, pressure sensor, and excitation. Lots of discussion such as range, sensor, and the binary range are described inside this datasheet.

Inside this datasheet you can find description such as the transfer function, pressure sensor, and transfer function. Here are some excerpt from the datasheet:

The sensor is compensated for offset, sensitivity, temperature drift and nonlinearity. The sensor is available in the ranges 1 to 100 psi. Available in Gauge and Absolute type. The SPD digital series can be considered as an “digital”successor of the SPD series Electrical Characteristics Performance Characteristic at Vcc =5V excitation @ 25 °C. Parameter Min Typ Max Excitation Voltage Excitation Current Pressure range Resolution Temp Coeff Span

Even more, the datasheet contains info things like ranges, and pressure.

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