Datasheet of PS348 and TS348 Series of Pressure and Temperature Sensors

There are many information such as gas pressure sensor, ambient temperature, sensors, temperature sensor, wiring, and sensor wiring are explained inside this datasheet. In the datasheet the reader can learn explanation about signal, pressure sensor, temperature, pressure sensors, the temperature sensors, and the temperature sensor.

The datasheet contains information about sensor, pressure, range, pressure range, the pressure sensors, and circulation. Here are excerpted from the datasheet:

® ES-3481 JUNE 27, 2005 PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE SENSORS FOR THE E340 BOILER ROOM CONTROL DESCRIPTION The PS348 and TS348 Series of pressure and temperature sensors are designed for use with the E340 Boiler Room Control System. PS348-4 Steam Pressure Sensor 1-17 PSIG PS348-5 Steam Pressure Sensor 1-33 PSIG PS348-6 Steam/Oil Pressure Sensor 10-170 PSIG PS348-7 Steam/Oil Pressure Sensor 10-330 PSIG PS348-8 Steam Pressure Sensor 50-850 PSIG TS348-2 Temp.

Furthermore, this datasheet gives you info around steam pressure sensor, mounting, oil pressure sensor, the pressure sensor, and temperature sensors.

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